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The New Nintendo 3DS - 3D handheld console.

Some people were questioning if Nintendo 3DS Emulator on the PC will be possible taking into account that 3DS comes with a pretty unique 3D screen from Sharp that can not be directly recreated on PC, but what one should remember is that Nintendo 3DS has a nice little feature called 3D Slider that can fine-tune the depth of the 3D or turn it off all together. So on the PC 3DS can be emulated without the 3D effects or another option is to use one of the new 200+ Hz screens and 3D glasses, but that would make the whole emulation process too bulky and brings into question the cost efficiency :) Maybe it is just cheaper to buy the Nintendo 3DS and hack it to play downloaded games and emulators of SNES, NES and other old console games....

In the prosecute releases about Nintendo DSi XL console and PlayStation 3. Now, Nintendo 3D portable game console as Nintendo 3DS will try to grab the market of gaming consoles. Nintendo Co. Ltd. Is also aiming to make its PlayStation 3 compatible with 3D games but, distinct Nintendo's planned logo, users are dodgy to draft to buy the use of game consoles, the collective sales of which reached 125 million units in 2009. Nintendo was sprightly to swear its customers that the Nintendo 3DS will be enjoyed with Avatar and Alice in the Wonderland.

3DS screen

Nintendo 3DS specification:

  • Backward compatible with Nintendo DS / DS Lite and DSi / DSiXL games
  • Built-in dual cameras, and motion sensor / acceometer like the one in iPhone
  • High-end nVidia Tegra Video Card for portable devices
  • Dual ARM processors with more processing power than that of the Sony PSPgo.
  • Open Source custom firmware compatible with 3DS rom downloads over WiFi and 3G.

Many experts think patrons are likely to high-definition sets in Los Angeles in the US on June 15 this year in the eminent E3 consumer electronics Show. Recently, Nintendo announced to launch Nintendo 3D portable contest console. The new capture betting console will be known as well as the Nintendo DSi.”

Nintendo 3DS emulator will be seized in current existence.”We already have public our opinions about Nintendo 3D portable pastime console, the business says, “Nintendo 3DS will succeed the business's trendy Nintendo DS chain of 3D graphics and unusual glasses to have 3D similes. The main significance of 3D came in light just with 3D property without the essential for exclusive glasses, according to the announcement of guests.

3DS Screenshots

In the comparison of Nintendo 3DS emulator,, an online newscast entry, writes, “Sony is the betting giant of Japan. Nintendo has announced to launch Nintendo 3DS which is a portable betting console with three-dimensional graphics.We already have to buy a new television and visual effects in the US entertainment. The console will undrape by March next year.

On this contest console, sport can be backwards-compatible with playoffs designed for unique glasses and because many people have already upgraded to have seen the premium-priced 3D TVs due to the necessity for the Nintendo DS as Nintendo 3DS.

3DS Mockup

You can basically play DualiS DS Emu with NDS. However, because its developers faced a legal battle some years ago, they had to put an end to further developments. This happened even prior to the creation of an ability to fully play commercial NDS ROM games. Most of the games you can play on the DualiS are homebrewed, which means that these are games made by programmers, fans, and supporters. You can say that the DualiS was not able to achieve its full capacity in terms of audio, display, bug fixes, and programming. The dual screen system, which was supposed to follow the screen tactile combo of the genuine Nintendo DS, was sadly never completed. But the best Pokemon emulator news is that this emulator can work very well as a gallery viewer of games and applications.


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